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Answers to All Your Inquiries

What is MiniRoos?

Miniroos format applies for Under 5s to Under 11s.


Miniroos are modified forms of football, structured to cater for the needs of young players.


Miniroos focuses on fun with a limited emphasis on formal coaching. Kids benefit because the game is more enjoyable and builds better skills. Players get to kick the ball more and are more involved in the game.

How many players are on a team?

Under 5 to Under 7 Teams: 6 players, 4 on the field

Under 8 to Under 9: 10 players, 7 on the field

Under 10 to Under 11: 12 players, 9 on the field

Under 13 and Above: Maximum of 16 players per team, 11 on the field

When does my team have a Goal Keeper?

Under the MiniRoos Small Sided Format, Goal Keepers are introduced in Under 8's.

What is my commitment, as a coach?

If you help your team by becoming a Coach your time investment is approx. 2 hours per week. 1 Hour of Training and 1 hour on Match Days. This is no more than any other parent who comes to watch. Where possible, we have multiple teams training together, particularly Under 5 to Under 7's.

What kind of training do the coaches have?

All WPFC Coaches are encouraged and offered ALL Coaching courses FREE of charge. All of our current coaches have a community coaching certificate. 

What day does my team train?

Our training days are structured per age group to assist with player development and coach development. The added benefit is that you know which days teams train so you can plan ahead. Checkout the training Schedule

How do I know what time my team plays?

All of the Age groups Competition draws are published on the Local Football Associations website and can be found under the Resources tab above.

Who is my Coach?

Once you have registered you will be allocated to a team for your age group. 

Junior coaches will be assigned before the season starts. Your coach will get in touch via email or SMS to let you know your training days, times and location before the start of the season.  

What equipment do I need to play?

All Players will need to purchase their own shorts and socks which can be purchased from our online store.

A playing shirt will be provided with a Club Playing Shirt at the start of each season, from your coach.

Every player will need their own boots and shin pads for Training and Game Days 

All playing shirts must be returned to the coaches at the end of the season.

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