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Guy Powyer


Westside Panthers Football Club has been my home now for sixteen years. I started playing back in 2003 and still currently play with a couple of men from that time!


My involvement in the club until last year has been as a player. I have experienced the family atmosphere and the supportive environment WPFC provides along with the unique mateship between the club, its teams and its players.

I owed it to myself and the club to take on a more influential role in maintaining what has been previously built here at Westside and for the last 2yrs have taken on the Presidents role.

I enjoy playing football each season and hope to see my kids come through and play which is part of the reason I decided to take on the role and help coach the AAM - to ensure my kids experience the same great club I have.

It is an honour to have been elected to this role and to work alongside the other fantastic committee members who all put in countless hours to ensure our players get to play our great game and be a part of our wonderful club.


Fun Fact: I love collecting watches and model cars!

Secretary & Registrar

Jade Salmon


I have been involved with the Westside Panthers Football Club very indirectly since 2006.


In the last few years I take the kids down to watch their Dad play and somehow was lured into the Registrar's role in 2017 thinking it wasn’t too much work and have continued this year adding the Secreatrial role as well!


It’s a great little community down at the fields every weekend on both Saturdays and Sundays and if our kids are to play, I too wanted to ensure the club continues in a positive direction.


Being the registrar is a massive role at the beginning of the season, and secretary throughout the year, but I have to say a rewarding one. Watching all the players you have teamed and spoken with for months on the phone enjoy their football is a fantastic feeling.


The added bonus of working with a great group of people makes it all the more enjoyable.

Fun Fact: My favourite sport to play is actually Netball!


Joshua Bernard



I began playing football for the Westside Panthers AAM team in 2012. Beginning as a player out on the field I soon found a knack for keeping and became the team’s principal goalkeeper.


I enjoy taking a little bit of a back seat watching our team play but have saved numerous dot shots and penalty shootouts over the last couple of years.


2017 saw me decide to put my hand up to take on a more predominant role within the club as I could see the potential of the Westside Panthers Football Club as far as growth and where it could go in the coming years.


As the Treasurer of the club again for the 2019 season, I am still  looking to continue maintaining its stable financial position and to provide increased financial support, uniforms, equipment, and opportunities for the players, coaches and parents in the seasons to come.


If taking on this wasn’t enough I also elected to co-coach the AAM and undertake several coaching courses to ensure I have the knowledge and skill to pass on to others. This has recently included delivering Goalkeeper Coaching for Football NSW.


Fun Fact: I really really really like fun facts!

Equipment & Functions Coordinator

Katherine Bernard



For the past 9 years, I have been a spectator on the sidelines for the Westside Panthers Senior All Age Men's games and have watched this team go from strength to strength through good and bad times.


In 2016 I took on a small role for the club taking photos of each AAM game as well as organising and running a 3, 2, 1 Man of the Match which saw a great response from the players and coach throughout the season. I saw an increase in team morale and support and this year was given the opportunity to continue in the Secretary role I accepted in 2017.


I accepted the role of Secretary in 2017 with the vision of promoting that same moral and support further through the club and will continue this throughout our 2018 season. With a background as a  Learn to Swim teacher and coordinator, I have some great ideas that I feel could benefit the club and look forward to implementing as much as possible within this role while supporting all teams -Mini Roos, Juniors, and Seniors, wherever I  can. I have now transitioned from this role to Functions & Equipment Coordinator applying that same belief.


Fun Fact: When WPFC introduces a women’s team you will more than likely be seeing me play!

Coaching Coordinator

Tom Simpson

Media Coordinator

Alex Hangan



IComing Soon!


Fun Fact:



To be updated!


Fun Fact: Searching for a Volunteer... Is it YOU?



I have been with Westside Panthers Football Club since 2006 when I started as a part of the Under 8’s team.


I continued playing Junior Football for the club until my last game in Under 17’s in 2015. From here I joined the AAM team and enjoy playing of a weekend.


I am also a referee and undertake this each weekend for the club also. I became involved with the committee a couple of years ago due to my love of the sport and club and have continued my involvement this year as the Media Coordinator to continue the clubs growth and development in our ranks.

Fun Fact: This year I have played a total of 16 years Football!

Senior Coordinator

(U17 & Seniors)


Youth Coordinator

(U10 - U15)

Grant Davis



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Fun Fact: T.B.A

MiniRoos Coordinator

(U5 - U9)




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Fun Fact: Searching for a Volunteer... Is it YOU?

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