As you are aware, we are living in challenging times and with the updated Public Health Orders outlining that it is compulsory for all managers/coaches/spectators to practice social distancing as well as wearing of facial masks.

As part of the Safety Plan submitted by the Dubbo Football Association one key element of the plan is the Policing of people (Coaches, Managers, Spectators and Players) wearing masks and social distancing.

Jacketed Officials are part of the New COVID Safety Plan. With ALL Teams having a dedicated jacketed officials our sport is approved to continue. It is important that ALL Teams are aware of their requirements and adhere to the requirements

It is important to know. The jacketed official:

  • Can not be a coach or manager

  • Can not be in the technical area

  • Can not be sitting down

  • Is to circulate among their own sideline/supporters to ensure they are compliant

Please note: Players prior to playing and upon competition of matches are also required to wear facial masks.

If any team should face any public resistance from spectators they should Contact the Club Secretary ASAP

Please Note: The Dubbo Football Association will take whatever action they feel is appropriate including abandoning the match awarding the game to the non-offending club or whatever other appropriate action is deemed suitable. This includes, if needed spectators may need to be reduced to one per player or nil spectators.

Coaches requiring a Vest, please contact our Coaching Coordinator:

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