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Westside Panthers is committed to ensuring we as a club improve the playing experience for our members. As part of this, we have adopted a number of policies to ensure each and every member understands the aim to raise the standards of our football club by having in place suitable information and measures which ultimately contributes to quality football experiences for our players, volunteers and parents, and coaches.

WPFC Policies

WPFC has developed a number of policies on best practice for the club, its members and the wider football family involved with WPFC.

Playing Up Guidelines

WPFC follow the FNSW "Playing above Age" guideline. Any player wishing to play above their age group must read and follow the guideline and seek suitable approval from WPFC and the local Association which the competition is managed.

FFA Integrity Framework

WPFC is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the reputation of football in Dubbo. WPFC have adopted the FFA's integrity framework. WPFC support and believe the framework is an important mechanism for both protecting and enhancing the standards of performance, behaviour, and professionalism for football participants and stakeholders in Australia

FFA Statutes and Regulations

WPFC have adopted and follow a number of FFA's Statutes and Regulations. All members registered with WPFC agree to these statutes and regulations when registering


FFA Member Protection Framework

WPFC have adopted the FFA's Member Protection Policy. All members registered with WPFC agree to this Code of Conduct when registering.

FFA National Registration Regulation

WPFC have adopted the FFA's National Registration Regulations. All members registered with WPFC agree to this regulation when registering

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Westside Panthers Sports Club

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